Basking on A Sunny Day at Mt. Sabrina

Wait! Just in case you guys are thinking of a mountain, I ask you to please don’t ever think that am talking about a mountain like Mt. Melibingoy (The only mountain i ever climbed~for now). It’s a totally different kind of mountain but still it is another must-be-on-your-list-place-to-visit that you shouldn’t miss.

Rested on top of a hill at Upper Banualan, Tambler, General Santos City Philippines, Mt. Sabrina Panorama View and Resort is a resort famous for its tuna shaped pool! It also has great food and cozy place which is a great place to be if you want to be by yourself or with friends to unwind.

Can you see the tuna?

Taking “Hodor” my ever faithful motorcycle from where I stay (Fatima Uhaw, General Santos City), It took us less than 10 minutes to get there. It’s a perfect place to be when you want to be in a totally different place in just a few minutes. If you’re from downtown, you can find a jeepney that’s bound for Tambler at Kimball ( it used to be a name of a mall that was in the area but now people refer to it as a place where you can find a side street terminal bound for Uhaw, Tambler and Labus.) If I’m not mistaken the fare will be less than Php 20.

Arriving at Mt. Sabrina resort, we went directly to the Information Building. Asking the usual questions, we got the following info that most people might need, in our case, our friends, who were on their way to Mt. Sabrina, wanted to know. The entrance fee is Php 100 (not consumable) starting 6am to 4pm. Beyond 4pm till 10pm, the entrance fee will be Php 150. The gazebo (cottage) rental costs Php 300. There are rooms available for overnight stay too which values starting at Php 2500. The food on their menu was great but for us who were on a tight budget, we were having a problem in choosing which food to order (poor kid problems). Most of the foods were on an average of Php300, good for 3-4 persons. Nevertheless, we were able to enjoy the food for lunch.


The tuna shaped pool was a treat on that sunny day. We enjoyed swimming in its cool waters and even played under the prickling heat of the sun. Since we went there for a send off -slash- bonding -slash- pictorial with our friend who’s leaving for Dubai, I guess the heat of the sun didn’t matter at all. I even took the time to expose my flabby belly as I lay under the sun. Inside my head, I was thinking “I love tan”-or so I thought. 

I love tan! or so i thought. 🙂

Before the day ended, I was intrigued with the word “Panoramic View”, something that Mt. Sabrina boasted about. So I took the liberty of asking one of their staff who was polite enough to answer the weird questions of a blogger. I was informed that the best place to enjoy the panoramic view was on the balcony of a stilt house, overlooking the pool, which was occupied by a foreigner that time. Since we can’t access it, I guessed that the next place in Mt. Sabrina to experience the panoramic view will be their standard rooms which were on the top most area of the resort. We walked our way uphill, seeing some of their accommodations along the way until we reached the standard rooms. Lo and behold! We did saw that the place boasted a panoramic view of General Santos City and the Sarangani Bay. A wide stretch of General Santos City and the industry that made it was before my eyes. Not to mention that Sarangani Bay glowed in perfect ocean blue! You might want to bring those binoculars to enjoy the view even more.

Panorama Mt Sabrina
The Panoramic View of Mt. Sabrina

We took our time enjoying the beautiful place, taking as much pictures as we can. Before 4pm, we already prepared to go home. On our way out, we dropped by the horse statues for a picture. I really wanted to ride them home!

As to every trip and place I went, I always take with me a reason to go back again. For Mt. Sabrina Panoramic View and Resort, it was their people who are accommodating and the place itself is fit for unwinding. Next time around, I want to stay for a night and see how things are! Those rooms might be comfy!

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