Work or Fun? The Sanchez Peak Story

At a time when work loomed before me,I chose to take a break from all the stress. It was never easy because the weight of being able to pass a certification audit lies on it but still i chose to let go and gave myself a break. I ditched my bring-home work stuff and packed my bags.

At the evening of February 7,2016, just around 7:45, we jumped off from the starting point of the trail to Sanchez Peak. We started off pretty well not until the steep ascend on the first leg of the trail. I started to lose breath and have to stop every now and then. Felt like a crappy old man who havent jogged for a long while. One of our friend also had difficulty in breathing and thought of quitting so we need to stop every now and then. Not to mention. encourage her like it was an all for one one for all trip. 🙂

Me and the Second Team


On our way up, we encountered hikers on their way down. Thanks to them, we were informed that the peak was already overcrowded. We sent our lead team ahead so they can find a spot for us to pitch our tents before the hikers who were behind us overtook us and we might lose the spot. I was left with the second team. My task as a sweeper was now a lead. I was left with two buddies i am with at the climb at Lake Holon, two more friends that we asked to tag along and one lone hiker left by her friends because she was losing her breath too. We had enough time to talk as the night grew deep. Our friend who wanted to quit was already having fun along the way. Little did she knew that we were already closing in on the peak.
I felt like a kid off for a new adventure. Doing my first night hike was thrilling! For a moment, i forgot about work. I was glad i decided to go. I felt the rush of adventure in my blood again as we ascend through the trail on a dark night with our headlamps on. It was crazy but every now and then, we would look back and watch the city lights right before our eyes. The promise of a much better view at the top propelled us to go further and finish the hike.


The sight of the Sanchez Peak signboard was a relief . It was telling us “,you’re almost there.”

Eventually, we reached the peak. Our lead team got us a spot right at the entrance of the peak. We pitched our tent for the night and watched the city lights that shone like stars above land. I thought how beautiful things could be when seen from above. We took note of the major roads,through the street lights, that forked to Davao City and Alabel.We also saw the lights that lined the dark expanse of the Sarangani bay. That night, stars were indeed above and below us.

Stars below us

It was indeed an escape from work indeed. A night in a different place and with good friends around. Sometimes, i was glad i ditched work for stuff like travel and time for myself and friends.

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