The Next Morning at Sanchez Peak


Hello Mr. Sun
February 8,2016

The morning after a night with stars both above and below us, I woke up to the sun shining brightly from the east. Its light spread all throughout the vast land of General Santos City, Sarangani Bay, Polomolok (the only places i can pinpoint and identify from Sanchez Peak) and the nearby towns and places. 

It was astonishing! Being able to see how small everything were was indeed a different experience. I remembered playing god when i was a small kid. I was looking over a small town made from hollow blocks and my people were little green toy soldiers but the view from Sanchez Peak was no plaything. To see it from afar, one can be amazed on the thought that God took the time to give each and everyone of His creation intricate details and make it a part of a much bigger picture. I was a part of that much bigger picture.

I basked in all of its wonders. I stood, lost in deep thoughts (perhaps from lack of sleep or the numbing cold of the morning that my brain stopped functioning for a while). As much as i want this day to end just so i can get back to the work stuff i ditched before coming to Sanchez peak, a part of me wanted to stay. I wanted to see the whole city change before my eyes for a 24hour duration.
Partly, i was sad and disappointed. Global Warming took its toll on General Santos City. Where are the greens when you wanted to see them? The place was caught up in a dry spell. The ground was dusty. The greens were browns and we occasionally came across patches of burnt grass,indications of grass fire.

This earth is evolving. With as much as i wanted to be disappointed with what i saw, it was still earth on its other side of beauty. When the greens will come back, I will be glad that i saw the browns.

wolverine and the gang(bad hiker hair day :3)
Spell or no spell the sights are still a beauty
Till next time Sanchez Peak…

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