A Fresh Start at Jix and Jas

A Fresh Start at Jix and Jas


When i arrived at Jix and Jas Rocky Cove after a 26km motorcycle ride, i was greeted by Ate Marriet one of the people who takes care of the place. She was somehow expecting me to arrive because i already set a reservation with Ate Cathy who oversees the place.

I found out that since its Friday, i got the place all to myself! It has always been like that on weekdays.

The bamboo cottage they gave me was a perfect accomodation by the rocky cove. It sent me into a different world making me forget about home and work. Their highest rate was at Php 1000 and the lowest is at Php 800 per cottage and i already got a pillow, blanket, mattress, a double decked bamboo bed, a bamboo space for my stuff, a bamboo table, a bamboo oh no just an electric stand fan and an outlet! Tadah! My gadgets were saved from dying. Not bad eh? They got three closed cottages; that’s good for two and another that’s good for groups of 10 pax.

I quickly unpacked my stuff and scrambled down to the rocky beach only to be saddened by the fact that it was already dim and without light my shots will be dim too! So i sat my broken heart by a bonfire and i was relieved. Kidding aside, Ate Cathy thought of burning some driftwoods and i was fortunate to be there so i took advantage of it and sat by the fire for a while before going up to the gazebo.

Bonfire by the beach
I chatted with Ate Cathy for a bit. She has seen the ups and downs of the place and i can see that she loves what she does. I remembered the stuff i wrote about Lake Holon, it was people like them and Ate Cathy who make places worth coming to.

Fishing boats at night
As the evening grew deep, i watched tv with Janine and James who lives with Ate Marriet. It did felt like home but abit different because behind me were pinpoint lights of fishermen out in the sea, fishing for a living. Every now and then, i can hear a fishing boat chugging along as they go about their business.

Before i went to bed, i took the time to sit by a wooden swing and think about life. What i have in mind? Let’s keep it to myself. 🙂


The waves woke me up. I heard it beat the rocky shores, not angry but persistent. I fumbled for my wrist watch under the pillows and saw that it was still 5:14 in the morning. I can feel the mattress eating me back into slumber but the waves were calling me even louder. I pulled myself up and gave out a sleepy “happy birthday to me” under my breath.

I had a good night sleep, if not for the occasional waking up in the middle of the night which i usually do when in a new place and also if not for the pleasant surprise that a cat was already purring on my legs when i woke up just about past 2am. I didn’t mind though but i hope the cat didn’t mind me kicking her in my sleep every now and then.

I grabbed my phone and went out of the bamboo cottage into the cold morning.I couldn’t smell the salty air anymore or was it that i had grown accustomed to it. The waves were louder by then and the wind was also persistently beating on my ears. I was relieved. You don’t get to experience this when you’re just confined in the city.

Everyone (Ate Marriet, Janine and James) were still asleep. I went straight down onto the rocky edge of the cove and personally unlatched the lock on the gate.Then i took a spot by the concrete steps, the splashing waves just within my reach. I looked at the dark clouds and thought that it might rain that day. There were a few fishing boats out into the sea as compared a night before. I watched the waves come and go and pondered. My day one as a 28 year old traveller unfolded and i wondered what it will bring.

Early morning by the rocky shores of Jix and Jas
I waited till the sun came out. I never had the chance to think about life the way i did that morning. The place was a perfect when all you want is to think to the sound of the waves beating on the rocky shores.
This reminded me of a line from “the last song”

Then came breakfast! Food at Jix and Jaz is something you might want to bring yourself. As for the drinks they had it in their fridge but of limited variety. They didn’t have a resto to cater your food needs but if you can make arrangements with Ate Cathy, she can gladly have tuna prepared and cooked when needed. As for me, i picked up on what i left off from dinner a night before and good thing is, Ate Marriet served me a hot instant coffee for just Php 10.

Coffee with my just woke up look

I was excited to go boating. Ate Cathy informed me a night before that i can go boating to a small island for just 20 pesos but since i’m all by myself a hundred peso might do the trick but sadly it did not happened. I had to leave before noon time because i still have to take care of a few stuff back at work.

There’s so much stuff i wanted to do at Jix and Jas and staying for another day could have sufficed it. I would love to take a jog to the nearby small community of Tinoto, take pictures of the local fishermen and their boats and walk on the starfish, sea cucumber and other sea creature rich sea bed of Jix and Jas during low tide. ~sigh! The constraints of a weekend getaway can be very disappointing.

Nevertheless, I did have my time off and  had a great time during my stay to the point that I even forgot to take shots of some important parts for this travelogue!

Anyway,here are more things about Jix and Jas:

1. They have seven open cottages for Php 400 each.


The Open Cottages
2. The place has amenites like cooking areas, lavatories.

3. If you hate the dry spell, the place got it too. I think El Niño’s affecting almost all destinations.(let me know how it is on your side)

4. Check out low tide schedules, you’ll enjoy the place more if you can walk on the cove when the water is shallow.Not unless you can swim during high tide which is also a fun thing to do!

5. You can make reservations with Ate Cathy (09755815456-TM & 09306984160-TNT)

6. The place is owned by a Doctor who loves her bonsai plants which you can find in Jix and Jas. 🙂

I might have forgotten a few points just don’t hesitate to ask.


Sometimes we need to do resets. To just fall back and look at how we’ve been doing in life. To separate yourself from the rest of the world and find again that inner you that was lost in the hustle bustle of life. For after all, being you in a crazy big world matters. Go somewhere else and find beauty on things that you dont usually see. Take life as a gift from God and be the best you that you can be. Live. Rest. Travel.

-Pinoy Travelogista




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