Things I learned after Lake Holon

There are things best learned through experience and i’m glad i did. Everyone has to start from scratch and me as a noob adventurer and travelogue writer did start from it. It came up out of my love to write.

Will i be able to write good travelogues? will i be able to depict my travel experiences as real as possible? will i have funny noob adventurer moments? Will i bring justice to the places i went to and write about? will i be able to travel alot so i can keep my blog up and running? Those were just a few questions i needed to brush off because if ever one of those questions is answered no then pinoy travelogista will not come to life. I will just sit and wait for that perfect moment where i can write a perfect story but such moment will not come.

I needed to toughen up and write…just write…forget grammar…just keep on writing but never stop learning. Also i need to find ways to travel. I work on weekdays and volunteer on church on weekends. Where do i find the time to travel from all of that? Well, i need to find ways. Even if it takes to travel alone when your friends are not around, hitch on my friend’s travel plans, plan a travel with friends and coax my relatives into a family travel bonding. The point of it is to travel whenever i got the chance.

Looking forward, i do have a long year of traveling and writing.

Anyway(realizing that i drifted off the topic), learning stuff for the first time is inevitable especially when you just started going out of your comfort zone and had just tried doing new things.

Here’s an article from my previous blog about the things i learned after Lake Holon. Read on!

“After the unprecedented birth of an adventurer in me during my recent trip to Lake Holon (Into the Heart of the Guardians:Lake Holon), there were alot of things that i learned. Here are a few things…”

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