When You’re Stuck at Home While Everybody Travels

Holy Week in the Philippines means four days without work during the Easter Triduum(Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday). It was in this time of the year that most Filipinos were put into “Ponder Mode” and by pondering some preferred to do it at home while others traveled somewhere.

For the first two days of no work (Thursday & Friday) , my facebook newsfeed filled up with instant uploads of my friends on the beach, mountains, lakes and recreational parks. They were doing selfies by the beach, sitting by a lake, putting up banners at the peak of a mountain ~looked like they’re pondering eh? Imagine me sitting on a chair. Travel bugs flying all over my face. I dared to swat them with both of my hands, wanting to have that bittersweet feeling of crunching them in my hands but i just ignored them. They just kept on biting me but i didnt get the travel fever this time. Well, I slightly had one but it didn’t reach a temperature high enough to send me off somewhere. ~sigh

So there I was, unable to go away for reasons I did not regret,pondering on what good it was for an itching feet to stay put and intentionally get myself stuck in one place.

Here are stuff I did during that time when the travel bug kept on bugging me:

1. I woke up early in the morning to JOG! Since I can’t go somewhere far, might as well run and walk around the neighborhood. While I was running, I was thinking of the mountains I’m going to climb, that knee-deep blue water I’m going to tread, that long stretch of pavement over a green hill, overlooking the sea I’m going to cycle through, that difficult obstacle course I’m going to conquer. By the time I’m done with daydreaming/jogging/walking I already did a 6km jog/walkathon. Ha!

That Morning....

2. Read Travel Accounts and Tips.
There are plenty of blogs to read and there are a select few I’ve been following so far(good thing you can follow them on facebook); Two Travel Monkeys, The Nomadic Experiences, The Poor Traveler and Pinay Travelista. Following them makes me go places too! These people are the best on what they do!

3. Chat with a foreign friend! When you know you’re stuck at home, might as well give yourself a taste of the foreign seas. See how things were on their end and make plans of conquering the world together and slaying those hard earned money! Ooops.

4. Watch movies and think of how exciting a life can be when an alien attacks planet earth wave by wave.Fear the last wave only to realize that the last wave was the remaining young people of planet earth. 😉 Would you still travel then?

5. Sleep when you get tired and dream of places you want to go…drool over it if you have to.

6. Scroll on facebook feed and ignore those you’ll-be-blessed-if-you-share posts. Like your friends’ escapade photos. Stop by or stalk your facebook crush’s feed. (What?!!!) Share travel tips that you came across.

7. Make plans with friends for an escapade and coax another friend to just go.

8. Write a completely out of sense blogpost.

Small things…but no matter how small it is, I want to cherish those moments when I was stuck at home with my best “duh” face with all those people traveling around. Someday, you’ll just look back and remember that day, while you were off somewhere, sipping pinacoladas by the beach or sweating your forehead off on your way to your campsite, or screaming your heart out as you bunjee jump.

Sometimes….i just want to do things that reminds me of what I really love…to travel and write.

So are you stuck at home on Holy Week too? What did you do?

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