A Dance of Fire and Shadows

She raised a fan of fire over her head. A flute-like sound pierced through the night then it broke into a music that’s almost ethereal. In an instant, I was lost in a world where humans and fire became one. She begun to move her hands and I was even more enthralled. With swift swirling motions, she played with the fire in her hands. She turned around, her hands also turned in the process and the fan of fire she held in her hands danced. A play of fire and shadows reached my eyes. Her pretty face, short hair, slim body dressed in a black top, her belly showing and skimpy black shorts vanished into the shadows as the fire danced around. In one motion, the single fan of fire separated into two, both held by each of her hands. She adeptly swirled it in the air. It mesmerized me even more. At one instance she had it as her wings, then it was a flower turning…then it was something else.

The music started to gain beat. She retreated into the background where she put out the fire in her fans. A guy clad in black jacket, the hood over his head took her place. He dragged a pair of fiery rods in the ground, letting it encircle him as he turned around before he stood and swung it like a pendulum. He hopped from one foot to another, making a dance I once envisioned as the dance of the fauns. Fire trailed off from the swinging pendulum then he broke into a fury of swirls. The fiery rods circled in great speed in his hands. He turned around spinning it like a nunchaku. His hooded figure appeared and vanished in a fury of fire and shadows. By then, the smell of gas and smoke had reached our sense of smell. Right then, the transport to a different world was complete.

The girl appeared from behind and released a swirling display of fire, radially erupting like what fireworks do. The guy showed off more of his moves, then tossed the rods aside and grabbed a pole with glowing embers on both ends. When he lifted the rod, fine burning pieces of embers fell. It created a curtain of fine yellow glowing lights that magically fell on the ground. He hopped and danced around the place. At times, he vanished into the curtain of embers then appeared again in a dance of full abandon.

Then the embers ran out. Slowly, our senses came back to reality. As the guy retreated into the shadows and the girl took her last bow, the people who were there with us broke into cheers, while I was lost in thoughts, thinking of shadows and fires and of embers that slowly die.

—The Dancers—
The couple owned a souvenir and tattoo shop at Maxima Aqua Fun, Samal Island. They go there on weekends to perform a fire dance in exchange for allowing them to pitch a shop and sell souvenirs. I wanted to dig in to their life story but it seemed like bloggers were not their thing. It can be that they are shy or they just don’t want to be a part of it or I looked like I’m taking advantage of them (that face of a goons-kidding!) or I just dont have the guts to meddle with their lives. I left, telling them that we’ll keep in touch in facebook, too bad, Dennis, the guy can’t be added anymore. Nevertheless, I let it pass and just like the shadows that played with the fire, I let their life story remain the way fate want it to be.

I asked the girl to paint me a henna tattoo on my chest. I can say it was good.


Here’s their video anyway. 🙂 Just incase the writing doesnt make any sense. A Dance of Fire and Shadows


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