Nopol Hills: Pushing Myself to my limits and getting it paid off.

Nopol Hills: Pushing Myself to my limits and getting it paid off.

NOVEMBER 30, 2016. Wednesday

I laid on the grass and thought of what went wrong. Have i gone past my youth? Is this what they call old age? Will i still be able to reach the summit? Why am i here by the way? My heart was beating fast. Sweat was dripping off my forehead. When will this trek end?


Hiking was my way of retreat from the busy world. When i got back to it after 7 months of not being able to do so, i realized that i needed to get back in shape again.

We were halfway on our way up to Nopol Hills, around 12NN, after an hour of hiking, when we finally sat down to rest under a shade of trees. I dropped my bag, laid down on the grass and watched the sun peep through the canopy. It was a surprisingly hot 30th day of November. The sun caught up on us while we were climbing uphill and the ordeal we went through almost knocked me down. It could have been a fun trek but the sun was just too much. It made me realize that my last hike was seven months ago and i wasn’t stepping on the beat anymore. What i didn’t lose though was my ability to push myself even when things got difficult. I kept telling myself that i am one step closer to the top with every step i took. I must get to the top.

The climb uphill was steep and perfect for challenging one’s self. Couple it with the scorching heat of the sun and a sedentary lifestyle, i was definitely pushed to my limits. While my friends were actually having fun on the way up, i was trying to hold myself together. Lesson learned, don’t stay up late the night before a hike. 😂

When we reached the top, i couldn’t be happier to see that the greens are back. The place itself was a vast field of green grass. I’ve been wanting to see them since our last hike 7 months ago when drought was evident. The scenic view of Sarangani Bay,General Santos City and neighboring towns on one side and the majestic view of Mt. Matutum on the other side was something Nopol Hills can boast of.

One fun thing to do at Nopol Hills was taking pictures of silhouettes.


We had our fill of fun and photographs in the wide grassy space. We also ate a bunch of native guavas which you can rarely see these days. It could have been more fun if we stayed for a camp out at night but we’re only there for a day hike. Just before sundown, we called it a day.

The gang.


On our way downhill, a “wait-but-there’s-more” moment happened. Fruit bats awakened from their slumber. They were like dead leaves on a tree earlier that day on our way up but by then, thousands of them were filling the sky. It was an amazing sight. It was a wonderful way to end our day.

Amazed. cc:juvycutamora


Overall, my struggle uphill was paid off. I realized how fast life can pass by, taking away with it our youth of yesterday. I must grab every chance i get while i still can and if i wanna keep up with this hobby for a long time, staying fit is a must.

Going back to Nopol will definitely be on my list.

*Nopol Hills is located at Mabuhay,General Santos City. It hosts the annual Katkat Nopol, a fun trek, camping, party and environmental event.

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