How well did you travel this year?

How well did you travel this year?

Destinations are awesome in their own rights. Well, some doesn’t live up to our expectations but the point of every travel is how well we did it. What made it worth our while?  As this year draws to an end, let’s look back to how well we traveled through these random questions:

1.) What were your firsts in this year’s travel? Firsts are memorable. They take a special place in our hearts. Was it the first time you went past the immigration? or the first time you climbed a mountain? How about eating weird-looking foods? Are there stuffs on your bucket list that were crossed out?

That trip to Singapore was one of those firsts i had for this year.

2.) Who are you with? People are good factor in travelling well. They can either make it wildly fun or so-so. I went out with a bunch of friends who never back down against extreme rides. It was exhilarating and I can say that it was worth the while. There’s just so many amazing people that you can travel with. I actually have friends who love to hike and being with them is an adventure.


3.) Who did you meet along the way? Were you able to meet a local? were you able to dig deeper into the culture of the place by just talking to them? I once asked a native barista on how they make the coffee. The whole conversation was something i’m grateful i didn’t miss.

4.) What unique food did your palate experienced? Food was something we cannot live without. Everybody has to eat at some point in their travels. We might stick to what’s common to our taste but trying out a different dish can also be a wonderful experience. I ordered a weird looking dish of rice, an egg and chicken, all three of them floating in a soup that looked like it’s full of soy sauce.

Ate that weird but delicious dish at fun toast.
5.) What life changing realizations did you came across? were you able to find yourself? What learning sparked within you while taking that hike. Did it fueled you to become a better person? I love taking hikes, Whether  the hike went well or it almost killed you, great pondering often comes on a hike where in while your feet wandered your mind also did.

Had my most difficult hike when we climbed at Leyson Park (Nopol Hills) see Nopol Hills: Pushing Myself to my limits and getting it paid off.

6.) What worth-telling experience did you have? Did you stand in a bus ride for hours? Did you almost slipped off a cliff? Travelling is filled with those kind of experiences. All of which were worth-telling.

7.) What was the farthest you have gone so far? By foot or by plane? On foot, the farthest i did was a traverse from General Santos City to Polomolok which took us almost 8 hours before we arrived to our destination. Imagine the places we walked into for hours and hours of hiking. By plane, i took one on a flight to Singapore, it was on a stormy sky and puking was more of my concern than dying due to plane crash.

8.) How (in the world) did you get lost?  Travelling is fun when you know where you are going, but just in case you get lost, just take your time and enjoy because the last time i did i was scared as a kid.

9.) What place held a special place in your heart that you would want to go back to it again? “When i looked for adventure i found you.” I once said those words when i first took my hike to the heart of Mt. Melibingoy and i know it’s that place that i would love to go back again.

When you found that special place, definitely you will go back.
10.) What strong emotions did you felt when you traveled? Sadness? Joy? Love? Traveling can give you all sorts of emotions. When we took that hike on a dry spell, i was filled with mixed-emotions that the further we go on a hike, my thoughts were wandering somewhere thinking on how it can be made better.
Taking a hike during a dry spell. What will you feel?
There could be a lot of things that makes travelling worthwhile. Even bad things can make it worth it. Nevertheless, when you travel, you’ll never miss out on an amazing experiences only if you’ll keep your eyes open. Now, how well did you travel this year?

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