Pinoy Travelogista 2016 on Recap

It has been an amazing year 2016 for Pinoy Travelogista. Working on a corporate world and doing travels during weekends and holidays made this blog happen. Soon enough, the day that sparked my love for hiking will turn one year old. I’m truly grateful for what has been and am excited for what will be.

Taking a look at my blogposts for a year, Here’s a Dada Monologue to help you with the recap (click for links)

Into the Heart of the Guardians: Lake Holon i was Basking on a Sunny Day at Mt. Sabrina. I asked myself am i here for Work or Fun? The Sanchez Peak Story.  The Next Morning at Sanchez Peak i was actually thinking of The Start of Something Not New and decided to name it as A Fresh Start at Jix and Jas then i remembered the Things I learned After Lake Holon and that time When you’re Stuck at Home while Everybody Travels. Perhaps i love to Take a Hike During a Dry Spell(The Haven:Amsikong) and watch A Dance of Fire and Shadows while i took A Journey to Someone’s Heart and even took that Flight to the Red Dot Singapore. I thought i already had enough but at Nopol Hills: Pushing Myself to the Limits and Gettinf it Paid Off. In the end i asked myself How Well did you Travel this Year?

PS. While i was writing this… fireworks were lighting up the sky! Happy New Year Everyone!

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