Lake Holon on Temporary Closure

Lake Holon on Temporary Closure

The annual breathing season for Lake Holon is finally here. It’s time for the Crown Jewel of the South to take her beauty rest again. Although this might be a sad news to those who have plans of going to Lake Holon on these dates; January 7,2017 – March 10, 2017, the temporary closure is actually a good move to preserve nature itself and of course to upgrade its frontline personnels. What more can we ask for than to safeguard Lake Holon in all its splendor!

Please be guided.

Photo Credits to Sir Rodel Hilado of T’boli Tourism Office

But wait! Bakngeb River Cave, Hidak Falls and Lamhaku Hot and Cold Spring will still be open as your go-to place in T’boli!

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