The Pig Who Plays Dead

The Pig Who Plays Dead

January 2,2017. Salacafe Trail To Lake Holon.A Story Within A Story.

Our bodies had grown accustomed to walking uphill. The heavy backpack i carried started to feel bearable. It has been 30 minutes since we jumped off the Salacafe Receiving Area. I began to see rows of bamboo houses up ahead. I thought of getting ready to smile at the locals just in case we’ll meet somebody along the way.

It was then i caught sight of a black piglet tied by the road. She was this cute little thing digging her little snout in the grass.

I beamed a smile and stopped just beside her. She was busy nibbling the grass then she looked at me with her black marble eyes. I returned her gaze. Slowly, i stooped down to approach her, she step back abit. By then, i knew i shouldn’t approach her with brute force or charge at her like a sought after cute little thing. I extended my hand. She looked at it. I wiggled it abit. She stared at me. When she didn’t respond i took a step closer.

Still with my hands extended to reach for her, i slowly let her get accustomed to it infront of her. She tilted her head away from it. I waited.Patiently. I even held my breath abit. Then i slowly touched the top of her head. She didn’t move. Our eyes met.

I began to caress her rough skin and prickly hair. She closed her eyes and seemed to like it. I was overjoyed with the fact that it was a pleasant pit stop on our way to Lake Holon.

I continued in caressing her head. It was then when the pleasant surprise came. She played dead! Right on the spot! My oh my! Was she a dog or a piglet!

We had our fill of amusement but then we need to push upward the trail. We left the little beast staring at us as we proceeded. As for me, i was beaming with a smile. She was such a treat.

PS. Whenever you see her, Please say Hi for me. 😂

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