6 Reasons Why People Travel (at the start of the year)

6 Reasons Why People Travel (at the start of the year)

It was like a reset, a clean slate for a new year. It was a chance to restart and I was wondering how to go about it. I thought of taking things a notch higher starting with what I love and what I think I do best. Hardwired within me, my love for writing and adventure kicked in. Nature’s call was so distinct. I heeded. I went out and travelled to where it all began…

It was like a reset, a clean slate for a new year – Pinoy Travelogista

Did your feet itch at the start of the year? Mine did. I realized that my reason for traveling was to get INSPIRATION and i couldn’t think of rekindling it than going back to Lake Holon, since it was where it all began. I took the time to find that heart beat or that tiny piece of ember i can take with me. Sure enough, I found it in Lake Holon, only that it was during an unwelcoming weather. Still,the ember lived on. 

I wondered how it is with other people. I asked around to know the reasons why they traveled at the start of the year. I encountered many reasons. Most of the reasons are actually to start the year right but I realized that there were deeper things to it just like the reason I had. Here are words that might ring a bell for you…

1. Happiness – Do you still remember that time when your smile got so wide that your mouth strained? It was that smile you had when finally you were seated on a bus, en route to your destination. How about that smile at the start of your trail just when you started to feel your lungs pump and your legs kicking to life? How about the viola! moment when finally you have reached your destination and the euphoria, of seeing familiar places and faces, set in or that time you had a good laugh with your new found friends? In whatever way HAPPINESS is defined, it can never be missed out when you go travel or go out for adventures! 

“I believe that when you start something happy/positive everything follows” – Aine

2. FREEDOM – The rolling plains up ahead, a breath of fresh country air, the cold caress and whisper of the winds, that worry-free state of your heart! After last year’s canceled trips, because of heavy work loads, you finally get to travel. You were off to a positive year as you leave all the negativity behind. You were finally out there in the open fields, in a big city square, on a white sand beach or that cafe with a vintage setting you’ve always wanted to visit. You love the feeling of being in control, without restraints, only full abandon to what you really want to do or what you’ve always been wanting to do. You were reminded that you were not constrained in the four corners of your office or the quaint little town where you almost knew everybody. You were reminded to be human again and how it is to be not caught up in the daily grind. FREEDOM.

“I want to explore and exercise my freedom of doing anything i want and going anywhere i want to be.” 🙂 – Emelyn 

3.SIMPLICITY – Probably, you just realized that life had gone a notch higher. Suddenly, there were thousands of emails to read and respond to or there are many places that you should be into because of meetings and some other stuffs. You could probably be fed up with the sights, sounds and not to mention the smell of the bustling city that you decided to retreat. Where else? to SIMPLICITY. You packed your bags and go to a place where you woke up away from honking horns and rushing people. You had your cup of coffee and took your time sipping it until it got cold enough for a single gulp. You enjoyed the sights and sound of a peaceful beach from a cottage or the setting sun from your cabin at the edge of a forest. You take a look at your phone and decided to turn it off and live for the moment. Finally, you realized that the people around you were laughing a lot. None of them where actually on a rush, well not unless they’re out for a game of frisbee. Right then, you told yourself,”this, my friend, is life at its simplest .” 

“You’d love the small village feel full of foreigners/backpackers and expats who enjoy the simple life.” -RL

4.CALMNESS – It’s the start of the year and who else saw the impending busy schedules, the heaps of paperworks, the places you need to go to for work reasons? You probably needed to muster all the strength you can get as you will be facing the new year ahead. Then, you decided to find the CALM before the waves can get rowdy and challenging. You took some ME time and even took the time to pray. You went where it is peaceful and quiet so you can talk to God. You quieted your heart so you can hear more. You enjoyed the peace, even the sound of the waves rolling in the beach or the sound of the birds singing in the tree tops. Right then, in your time of being CALM, you found your strength to face life ahead. 

“My prayer was I wanted to spend time with Him, I wanted to relax and ponder before the busyness will start.” – Cham

photo credit to Cham.

5.PASSION – There are things that we love to do when it comes to going places and we might as well do it at the start of the year! It could be road trips, hiking, biking, river rafting etc.. You took one for the road and enjoyed the feel of the wind right into your face as you cruise around through the ups, downs, curves and bumpy roads. You kicked your bike for your longest ride ever. You get to see sights as you go places and you are pretty certain that it is what you really love to do. You told yourself that I did it at the start of the year, why not do it all throughout the year?! 

“I started the year 2017 riding (Lupon,Davao Oriental)!alryt! It will be a good sign that there will be more rides that’s going to happen!” – EB

These were just a few words and reason why people go around and see places at the start of the year. These words and a lot more just made traveling a better lifestyle to get into. I believe there are more reasons and stories out there. I would still love to hear more stories from you! Beep me up! 

PS. The points herein were inspired and derived by and from the stories you, my friends shared. Thank you for sharing it!

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