Pinoy Travelogista and The City Jungle of Davao City (Intro)

Taking a pick between the bustling city and the serenity of nature had me on dilemma. It came as a surprise for me that i had forgotten how i enjoyed strolling around the city! I was beginning to think that nature is all there is for me when it comes to traveling but when i got the chance to go back to Davao City, i was taken back to memory lane when i used to walk its peaceful streets. I actually felt like life is stirring up within me and i kept on telling myself, “let’s go and take this adventure in the city!”

True enough i took on an adventure during my 1 night and 1.5 day stay in Davao City.

(Watch out for PT is currently brewing travelogues for you)

One of the must-go-to streets of Davao City

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