When in Davao City with Pinoy Travelogista

When in Davao City with Pinoy Travelogista


Bits of Davao’s History

Local historian Rogelio Lizada posits that the word davao is the result of the phonetic blending of the words of the three Bagobo subgroups referring to the Davao River. The Obo, considered the earliest aboriginal people of this territory, called the river Davoh, the Clatta (Obo-Ata meztizo), Diangan or Gulangan (Obo-Bagobo mestizo) called the river Duhwow; and the Tagabawa Bagobo called it Dabu. (Why Davao? ,from the book of Ernesto I. Corcino, 1998, as posted on the Museo Dabawenyo) (check out full story here.)

Just like that, i gained knowledge about the history of Davao City. Thanks to Museo Dabawenyo, that quick walk-through Davao’s history made me love Davao even more…

Now back to where my trip to Davao City began. It was supposedly just a day trip where in i would just drop by the PRC Office, get my PRC License and went back straight to General Santos City. But then, i thought of catching up with a few friends who happen to be staying in the City. I grabbed the chance of seeing them again and bringing them along in my plans to stroll around. There are a few places I’ve been itching to check out. With a couple of my friends’ suggestions, an itinerary was made.

Adventures in the City

Who said adventures can only be found on mountains and rivers? I did! Well, it’s not that i am a die-hard nature lover, it’s just that i am one honestly mistaken man! I almost forgot how amazing a city stroll is! The fast pace, lively bustle, city sounds and great food had me all wrong. I then reminisced my short stay in one of the printing press at Bolton UM during my college days as the editor-in-chief of our university yearbook. Those late night walks to check out hole-in-wall food houses, accesible places like the convenience stores, fast foods and parks were nostalgic. Knowing that the city has more to offer really gave me the giggles of excitement.

Here are a few places we checked out:

1. Roxas Avenue – A busy street by day a lively street in Davao City at night. A portion of the street is closed, by night time, to give way for rows and rows of brand new and second hand merchandise. If you’re looking for a food trip of many sorts, It’s the place to be. Live out a night of smoking grilling pits as the place serve you with grilled meat and fish straight from the coals. Also, if you’re a fan of matcha tea, you might want to embark on an adventure of checking it out in a form of buchi. Yes, a matcha buchi.

Kuya working his way on the grilling pit for our order of grilled tilapia, isaw and hotdog.
Other places we checked out in Roxas Avenue are Chicco di Caffe, Aldevinco Shopping Center, Freedom Park and Ateneo de Davao University.

2. Jack’s Ridge – A high point in Davao City where you can enjoy the serenity of the night and as well as the city lights in proximity. If you’re also looking a place to lock those love locks, they got it too. It’s actually a beautiful place for romantic dates. They do have alot to offer on their variety of restos.

Enjoying the city lights of Matina Davao City.

Location: Shrine Hills Rd, Matina Davao City. Getting there, you can take a taxi for a little over a hundred but since we made use of grab, we were able to get a discount.

3. Reel to Real 3D Tricks and Arts Museum – Fun in an imaginary dimension you say? This 3D Museum makes use of 3D arts to transport you to a different realm. Pose and take photos as many as you want and relive those moments you once took for a different kind of visual adventure. Grab the chance for an interactive art appreciation where you can be one with the 3d Art.

Take on a different adventure for every 3D art.

Location: Amber Street,RGA Village,Cabaguio, Agdao, Davao City. Landmark:PNB Cabaguio is just right at the corner.Take Route 4 multicab.Just let the driver know to drop you off PNB Cabaguio.Deco Machine Shop will just be on the other side of the streets.

4. D’Bone Collector  Inc- A museum of bones and environmental awareness. Housing over 2,700 specimens on display, the museum is truly a remarkable experience.The museum tour will take you to displays of different animal bones with stories to tell. These stories are purposed to create awareness and encourage people to take action in support to the protection of our environment.

The museum counter; you can check out their souvenirs for some cool items.
Location: San Pedro St. (extension),Poblacion District, Davao City. You can actually take the route 4 multicab from the 3D museum.

5. Museo Dabawenyo – Walk through the amazing history of Davao City; from the diversity of its tribe, the story of its earliest people, to the story on how Davao City came to be. It’s amazing how Davao would really take effort in conserving their history.

The Museo Dabawenyo
Location: Andres Bonifacio Rotunda, Poblacion District. It’s a walking distance from the bone museum. That is, if you don’t mind walking a few blocks to get there.

Along San Pedro Street.You can check out San Pedro Cathedral and The City Hall of Davao with the Commonwealth monument of peace and unity.

There’s so many places one can go to in a city such as Davao City. If one goes beyond malls and famous go-to places, one can stumble across great finds that are to be remembered.


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