Spending Valentine’s Day the Pinoy Travelogista Way

Spending Valentine’s Day the Pinoy Travelogista Way

Words are easier said than heard because when it’s said, it liberates but when it’s heard, it pierces your very soul. You can agree or disagree with that but the way i spent my Valentine’s Day tonight was simple and heartfelt.

Spending Valentine’s Day with friends over spoken words and music.

I caught up with my friends,who are teachers of Kiddy Academy for the Arts, at Kouziena 9504, Tuazon Subdivision, Poblacion, Polomolok, South Cotabato. KAFTA students joined in with the group,TINTAsyon, an open writer’s guild who loves true stories and expresses it through poetry.

“Truth for us is the measure of a good poem” – TINTAsyon

The group showcased their Valentine’s Hugot Special through spoken word and music. Their poetry for the night revolved around Love, Moving on, Inner strength and Pasts.

Hannah; The only rose among the thorns. One of my favorites.
More than a wonderful show for the night of hearts, TINTAsyon encouraged people to participate and let their stories be heard through poems. As said by their Executive Director, Sir Kenjave, that “TINTAsyon poetry is a psychological unloading experience in which people do not actually need advices to solve their problems, they only need people who will listen to them. They don’t even need people to really understand the full details of how they ended up with their problems, again they only need people who will listen to them”

The next time you may want to let those inner tuggings to be unloaded, you might want to catch them on one of their roadshows  and take it on the stage during their open mic sessions.Of course, it has to be in the form of a poem!

Executive Director Kenjave in his spoken words about strength and a different kind of love.
Spoken words, i’ll never look at it the way i used to on a poem i wrote back when i was in highschool. TINTAsyon’s pure emotion, carefully chosen and artfully placed words actually brought me to the inner recesses of my heart as words after words were spoken.I actually felt like i stumbled upon a gem which i only heard from other people when they said “hugot night” and “spoken word poetry”.

One of TINTAsyon’s members baring his heart out.
It might be a cliche but tonight will be one of those nights where in i will sleep with a smile on my face and a bit of pain in my heart. 😂

KAFTA Students in their interpretation of ABAKADA ng Tunay na PagIbig by Brian Vee

Teacher Gian of KAFTA taking the stage with “Almost Lovers”.
Catch more of TINTAsyon on the following schedules:

Feb18-Thy Versions MUSIC BAR, Koronadal

Feb24-Hugot sa Kalilangan Gensan

Feb25-Kouziena 9505 Tupi, South Cotabato.

Check out their facebook page here.

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