Imaginary Worlds Come To Life At Reel To Real 3D Tricks and Arts Museum

Imaginary Worlds Come To Life At Reel To Real 3D Tricks and Arts Museum

Would it be great if you can interact with an artwork, take unlimited snapshots and bring home those shots as memories of your adventure to a different world?

If you happen to be neighbors with Davao City, you can actually drop by Reel to Real 3D Tricks and Arts Museum!

The museum was owned by the Japanese, Mr. Masaaki Shiki from Shizouka Prefecture Japan and his wife, Mrs. Jesreel Vito-Shiki, a proud Dabawenya.

Having seen that there was no 3D museum in Davao City, just like in Manila and Cebu City, and that it’s a peaceful place to put up a business, the couple decided to open the 3D museum.

Named after Mrs. Shiki and the 3D arts installments they had, Reel to Real 3D Tricks and Arts Museum is located at Amber Street,RGA Village,Cabaguio,Agdao Davao City. Taking a route 4 multi-cab and getting off at PNB Cabaguio will get you to the place which is just a short walk from the bank.

The museum just opened last November 5, 2016 and since then, it has grown popularity in Davao City and even the neighborhing cities.

A variety of 12 3D art pieces can be enjoyed. You can actually steal a monalisa painting, receive a letter from a giraffe, kiss a dolphin, get stuck inside a glass dome, ride a turtle to an underwater world, get chased by a shark, be carried away by a pterodon,walk over a rickety suspension bridge, go surfing with a killer whale, take a t-rex for a walk, do some balancing over a hole and cover for a lady during her shower time.

The couple are actually planning to add more 3D art pieces.

Going there one might consider getting on comfy clothes as the museum is currently working on making the place comfortable especially during the hot weather. You can grab a drink though in their mini canteen. Don’t forget to bring socks since no shoes are allowed inside the museum. Socks are also available for sale in the counter. Get those cameras charged and memory cards cleared up since you will be up for almost an hour of photoshoot and fun!

I was fortunate enought to be able to converse with Mrs. Shiki and asked her for a short message for those who haven’t been to the 3D museum yet. “I would like to invite each and everyone especially those who haven’t experienced yet the illusion art that we served. You are welcome to visit REEL TO REAL 3D TRICKS AND ARTS in a very affordable entrance fee. Good for family bondings,friends-day,couples and field-trips. For inquires you may visit our FB PAGE @R2R3D for more info.”

The museum is open every Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am – 9pm. Admissions for 6yrs old to 12 years old is Php 50.00 and 13 years old an above is Php 100.00. 5 years old and below is for free!

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