The “Red Peak” Adventure of Pinoy Travelogista

The “Red Peak” Adventure of Pinoy Travelogista

At the end of that long ride, was the sight of a differently colored rock. It stood there solitary and unique from the rest of the terrain. I was excited to what awaits us at the top of that rock. Soon enough, i found out.

February 25, 2017, We took on a ride for almost a couple of hours. I was with my mountaineering friends; Von,our captain and Juvy, our navigator.

Me, Von and Juvy.
All we knew by then was the name and that it was located at Maasim, Sarangani Province. When we arrived at Brgy. Kamanga, Maasim, we drove around trying to figure out where the road to the place is. We had this map printed but it offered us little help. Google map has this amazing offline feature but i failed to download the offline version of the location, so i just tried to figure it out from what we had.Our best option was to ask around.
We asked from a habal-habal driver and He told us where to go. We ended up on a different road but was able to ask the right person. A few more minutes and we found ourselves taking a bumpy and dusty road to a limestone quarry. We asked the people there but none could tell where “Red Peak” is, not when we asked about a “Pulang Bato” (Red Rock). By that time, the directions were promising and we became even more certain when two more people confirmed it when we asked.

Off the distance, i spotted the weird looking red rock. I exclaimed in joy like it was some good find. Then we came to an openfield where there was plenty of rocks, varying in color and sizes, lying around.

With our motorcycles parked from a considerable distance where we can see the “Red Peak”, we decided to take a hike. The sun was already high at 11:42am. It was so hot. Every now and then, the wind blew, giving us some cool air along the way.The sound of the grass shuffling in the wind was like music to my ears.In a few minutes time, a little beyond 5 minutes, we reached the top. It was a short walk but it got me out of breath.

The “Red Peak”

What was at the peak of “Pulang Bato?” A different perspective on how amazing God’s creation can be. The view of the sorrounding mountains and the peninsula on the farther side was wonderful. We took our time sitting at the edge of the peak and letting the moment sink it.

From the peak, we can hear the rushing of a stream, just confirming to what we have read that a falls was located 30 mins walk from where we were.

It was one amazing spot to admire.

Before we decided to go home, we scouted for the falls by checking out the nearby streams. Seeing that it’s not an easy task, we decided that we will explore it some other time and with the rest of our team.

It was a fun day for an adventure. I felt like a kid when i saw the red peak and how different the place was.It was actually unregulated, or was not commercialized. There was no “toll gates” of some sort, Only an opportunity to be one with just yourself and nature. No fees to pay, only nature to respect.

Hope to be back to that place soon.

By the way, i attempted to create a vlog and you can check it out here. Do leave me some comments then. 

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